Corning Gorilla® Glass offers a unique combination of toughness, elegance and design freedom for interior architecture.

• The optical clarity of the glass enables customers to realize their vision through true color matching - whether pristine whites or vibrant colors

• Tough and durable, thin Corning Gorilla Glass preserves and helps protect the material beneath it with excellent durability and scratch resistance

• Thin, lightweight Corning Gorilla Glass allows refurbishment and new design within tight elevator weight budgets

• Corning Gorilla Glass provides endless possibilities for custom decoration

Corning Gorilla Glass offers similar performance with a thinner glass that is lighter than a typical soda-lime product.

In accordance with the ASTM E-1300 protocol (calculated 0.8% probability of failure), Corning Gorilla Glass demonstrated superior bending strength, enabling the use of thinner glass to support the same load when compared to soda-lime glass. 

When subjected to a scratch resistance test involving loads of 50g of force (Knoop indenter), Corning Gorilla Glass showed greater scratch resistance compared to air tempered soda-lime glass. All results shown at same magnification. 

Data is based on ball-drop impact with 535g steel ball.

Corning Gorilla Glass demonstrated greater resistance to impact as compared to soda-lime glass typically used in interior architectural applications. 

Corning Gorilla Glass exhibits higher transmission performance and superior optical clarity in the visible range.