Have you ever seen a piece of fabric, wood or metal veneer that you wished you could incorporate into your design but it was too fragile? Now you can.

Our elevator interiors take innovation to a new level. All of our wall panels are engineered to be thin, lightweight, and ultra-durable. Typically just 2mm thick, Corning® Gorilla® Glass provides a scratch & dent resistant surface that preserves the material beneath it. Elegant materials once thought to be too delicate for use in elevators can now be the material that sets your design apart.

Thanks to Elevecture's® completely customizable Corning Gorilla Glass wall panels, imagination has no limits. The thin and lightweight qualities of Gorilla Glass help you  achieve the desired aesthetic, without having to worry about weight restrictions. Using our lightweight glass versus traditional laminated glass frees up weight in the cab, giving you the option to use heavier materials like that one-of-a-kind stone floor you once thought was too heavy.