Elevecture's® lobby systems enable you to incorporate elements of high design. Imagine your lobby space now transformed into an art gallery. One that is easy to maintain, and durable enough to have the original design shine through without the typical concern of daily wear and tear. Corning® Gorilla® Glass is scratch resistant increasing the lifespan  of your lobby, while decreasing maintenance and modernization costs. Our wall system allows you to design spaces that seamlessly integrate sound, graphics, lighting and media displays.

If you're not looking for a "system," just like their Elevecture elevator interior counterparts, our lobby panels are 100% customizable and can be ordered without any trims or hanging hardware. The ability to purchase just the components you need allows you to create your own unique and long-lasting designs. The choice is yours. 


Scratch Resistant

Even after having direct pressure applied, Corning Gorilla Glass shows no signs of chipping or cracking. This industry-leading level of durability ensures easy maintenance that yields significant time and cost-savings while sustaining the integrity of the original design.


Remarkably tough and incredibly thin, Corning Gorilla Glass panels enable lightweight, elegant designs at a fraction of the weight of traditional laminated glass. Material  constraints no longer limit your design, making this glass a perfect medium to achieve any desired look.


Corning Gorilla glass is made to be optically clear, and allows all colors to be accurate and extremely vibrant, without the green hue of traditional glass. This exceptional attribute allows for ultimate versatility and infinite design options.