Welcome to Elevecture


As a leader in the Elevator industry, we are eager to share our capabilities! We have found a niche position between creativity and tradition, that allows us to bring something completely new to the future of lobby systems and cab interiors. Our goal at Elevecture® isn't to manufacture the same traditional finishes that the industry has produced for decades. Our goal is to bring something new and different, to make elevators exciting once again. No longer do we believe that standard finishes should be the industry norm. We believe that traditional materials should be viewed in a new light, elevating them to a whole new level. When our founder, Harold Friedman, started Elevecture, he embarked on a mission to help the world see elevators differently. We are now proud to say, that we are turning his dream into a reality. We look forward to helping you take your projects to the next level by ELEVATING ARCHITECTURE together.