Lianne Friedman


I began my career as an educator, working in the nonprofit field for the NYC Department of Education. Several years ago, I began my journey at Elevecture.  I was fortunate to be with Corning by my side. Literally, how lucky were we to help Corning® brings their infamous Gorilla Glass® to the architectural world. Together, Elevecture and Corning opened two Innovation Centers for the design and construction world to visit and to see what was on the cutting edge of lighting and glass. I took the view, as I had done for many years, in that people are inherently interested in learning, understanding what is new in the design and construction space, what can make a building smarter and sustainable.


In the quest to learn, I spend most of my time speaking with the design and construction world to learn what they need. I simply ask, what are your pain points with glass and lighting and how can we help solve them?  It has been an incredible journey thus far.  It takes a fair amount of patience and ability to hear what is not being said to provide suitable answers to questions.


I have much experience in solving things, living in Brooklyn with my partner Michelle and three children is an endless journey of questions that I need to listen to really understand what an 18, 16 and, 12-year-old are trying to ask me, teach me, or baffle me. We have never spent as much time together as this past year, and this one aspect of the pandemic has me grateful. If you have the chance to ask them what I do at work, they are now fully versed in the five attributes that Elevecture has at its core.


When not espousing about glass and lighting, I love to cook. One specialty of the house is granola with tons of dried fruit and nuts.  For those who have been to the Innovation Center for a wine and cheese or Lunch and Learn, I have made it an experience by also being the chef.


Tiko Mulyawarko

Vice President of Sales

My earliest memories are filled with the colors and patterns of my Southeast Asian heritage. I have always been drawn to artistic expression in every possible medium. I admired everything from the eclectic storefront facades of Paris to the rich designs of woven silk at open markets in Thailand. In high school, my passion for architecture and design grew as I observed the transformation of my hometown, Jakarta. With a desire to experience more of the world, I moved to New York to pursue a design calling.


I began my career as a lighting consultant before transitioning into an architectural designer role that I cultivated for almost two decades. While focusing on commercial, corporate and retail development projects, I was involved in managing and overseeing the overall design and construction process; from conceptual through project delivery.


When I joined Elevecture in early 2021, I offer the experience to engage with architects, specifiers, developers, landlords, property managers and consultants on how we can support them with our product and service offerings to land on very cohesive and successful projects. Elevecture is committed to find the most innovative design solutions by utilizing materials that are durable, thin and light weight. I believe that a successful design outcome is a combination of using talent and ability to address all parameters, maximize all potentials and navigate through all limitations. Most importantly, it is critical to please the building’s occupants and clients, who are ultimately the primary judges of our products and final executions.


I love to explore the world without having an itinerary. Traveling feeds my soul and it makes me a better person. Whenever I visit somewhere new, the experience change me. Storytelling is at its purest when you hear it directly from the authors.  “Strong and content, I travel the open road” is one of my favorite quotes by Walt Whitman.

Fei Yu

Technician and Field Operations

I love order, learning new things and my wife, although not in that order. From an early age I appreciated the world around me and wanted to see it firsthand. I am proud US Army Veteran, something that especially now resonates with me. I served in Iraq as a medic, ensuring the safety of my teammates, and anyone who needed medical assistance. Learning how to treat people both efficiently and effectively are traits that I learned and I continue to use them daily in my job.


I am a trouble shooter, I take apart our power boxes, rewire them when needed and understand all the inner workings of lighting few see when they walk into an illuminated room. What I learned about myself most recently is that I am much better when I have the time to sit quietly and think through the wires and how they all connect, certainly a luxury I did not have in Iraq.


My wife and I live in Brooklyn and have strong ties to our family and friends in our neighborhood. Jennifer and I love to travel, whenever we have the chance to find an interesting adventure. Next time you see me, fixing some of the lighting, delivering some glass panels, or walking your company through an installation, ask me where we have been lately, and I will walk you through my latest adventure.

Olivia Cohen

Marketing and Social Media

At my core, I am a storyteller. My passion for connecting with people has led me to explore writing, videography, art, and advertising. Through my work with Elevecture, I have the opportunity to educate myself and others on how our materials impact the design world.


As I begin my marketing and social media journey, I am learning how to use all five senses to bring stories to life. Illustrating Elevecture’s impact in a multi-sensory way is the key to connecting audiences, especially through screens.


I am attempting to learn every day—an important value instilled in me by my father in academia. My goal is to grow in my storytelling abilities alongside Elevecture’s expanding architectural presence.